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Greg Silverman Blog


Welcome To 2013

Just started this blog to let people know about my new blog. I have been writing about furniture off an on for about ten years now. I have a real passion for writing, probably got that from my mom.

I love to review different pieces of furniture such as sofa sets, sectionals, and patio type furniture. I have actually a friend that is good with furniture restoration as well. He was able to save my favorite chair at one point. It had the paint coming off so he was able to sand it down and then repaint it. The important thing is to make sure all the old paint has been thoroughly removed before applying a new coat. You can save most pieces of furniture you just have to be able to determine if the furniture piece is too far gone or not.

Here at Tripod.Lycos I will be updating with daily furniture tips to help you with your furniture ideas. My suggestions may differ from yours but please let me know if you have any ideas yourself. I may even allow guest posting in the future. I love to hear what my visitors think so please post a comment or send me an email to get in touch with me. I would also love to hear what you would like to see in a new post. I like to blog about furniture topics that you will be most interested in so please don't be shy.

Another thing that has been popular with my previous visitors is contests or polls. We love to hold contests where you can will some neat prizes. Don't expect to win a million dollars or something these are just for fun. We did give away a rocking chair at one contest in 2010 so it can be pretty exciting. We also do raffles when we have the resources to accomplish them. I do love to see the pictures that our winners send in. It is actually pretty exciting to see the smile on your faces when you get a nice piece of furniture. So anyway we should be able to bring those back in 2013.

I still can't believe it is already 2013. Just yesterday I could have sworn it was 2011. I still remember the home office furniture I invested in. It was a beautiful oak piece I bought from an online dealer. I still remember that I got it for fifty percent off at the time. I still have the piece and it is in great condition. I do advise that if you own a piece of wood furniture make sure you dust it off regularly or the dust tends to stick. The office furniture I bought has to be re-varnished every couple of years or so. Don't worry too much about re-varnishing it really isn't very difficult to accomplish.

Anyhow I will let you get going, but be sure to take some time to come back and visit me. If you have a bit more time please check out my other blog about home office furniture. Just click that link and you should be taken directly there. Let me know if you have any problems getting there. I do sometimes mess up the links so I hope you have no problems. If you would like to guest post here or on my other blog be sure to contact me right away.

All the best to you and yours,

Greg S.